“Gilbjergstien” is a preserved hiking- and bicycling track which lies right in front of Gilleleje Badehotel. It stretches all the way from “Gilbjerghoved” down to the town centre and the old fishing village. There is a splendid view from the up to 33 m high cliffs over the sea and all the way to Kullen in Sweden.

On the left side of the hotel, along the track, you will find The Memorial Stone for Søren Kierkegaard, one of Denmark’s greatest philosophers. And between the hotel and the town you will find “Gilbjergstenen” 


Gilleleje town centre and  Gilleleje harbour

Gilleleje town centre and Gilleleje Harbour are without a doubt worth a visit! In Gilleleje’s cosy walking street you will find plenty of shops and cafés. And on the harbour there is life and activities all year round.
Gilleleje Harbour is one of the largest – and oldest – fishing ports in Denmark and it embraces a yachting marina, a ship yard and a handful restaurants and cafés, scattered around the area. So no matter if you arrive early in the morning or late at night, you can be assured to experience life and activity. Apart from this, Gilleleje is the setting for several annual events including Bakkefest (traditional summer party), Havnefest (harbour gala) and Jazz at the Harbour.

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Gilleleje and the surrounding area offer a great variety of beaches to pick and choose from, and you will find cosy small beaches as well as lengthy sand beaches.

Veststranden in Gilleleje (Western Beach):

“Veststranden” is the first beach you meet when walking or driving from Gilleleje Badehotel down towards Gilleleje, right before the harbour.

Strandbakkerne (Beach Hills):

“Strandbakkerne” is located on the other side of the harbour, and can be found by walking or driving past the harbour and through the old part of town.

The beach in Dronningmølle:

The beach in Dronningmølle one of the most beautiful – and most child-friendly – beaches you will find. It is located about 6 km from Gilleleje Badehotel on the way towards Hornbæk.

Ruslands bakker (Hills of Russia)

“Ruslands Bakker” is a 260 hectare preserved heath landscape next to Dronningmølle (6 km from the hotel on the way towards Hornbæk), covered with heather, juniper and pine wood. When the North Coast suffered from sand drift in the 1600-1700s, the area was covered by shifting sand, and this has marked the vegetation. Today, grassing sheep keep the vegetation down.

In the middle of the heather hills you will find Tegner’s Museum built by the sculptor Rudolph Tegner in 1938. Its purpose was to house his 214 statues and his almost just as large painting collection. Today, Rudolph Tegner himself lies buried under the museum.


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You can rent bicycles in the reception during the summer.  



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