Gilleleje Badehotel was built in 1908 on the site where there has been a guest house since 1895. The hotel is located at the highest point of Northern Zealand with a view over the sea all the way to Kullen and Mölle in Sweden, which back in the days were the hottest sea side towns in Scandinavia. Royals, nobles and other good people came from near and far to live the decadent sea side life at this place. And here – unlike many other places in Europe – it was allowed for men and women to bathe together. Back then, Gilleleje and Mölle were connected by a ferry connection which, however, has been closed down since then.

Over the years, Gilleleje Badehotel has undergone gentle renovations with due respect to the old traditions, and today it stands as one of Zealand’s few original sea side hotels.

You will feel the unique authenticity immediately when entering the front door. All the way from the lobby with a crackling fireplace through the library with all the old books to the authentic dining room with wooden floors and blue furniture. Here you will be met by nostalgia, romance and high ceilings. And you will easily be able to picture yourself getting into a swimming costume á lá 1900 and take a stroll outside along the hotel, down to the wide sandy beach right below.
Gilleleje Badehotel also offers warmth and wellness in our spa area. Our facilities include sauna, steam bath and Turkish bath (hamam).

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