Where “Kattegat” meets “Øresund”

Gilleleje Badehotel stands atop a 30 m high cliff at Zealand’s most northern point “Gilbjerghoved”.

When adding the hotel’s three storeys to this height, you will experience an exceptional view over the ocean and the surrounding landscape. From this point of view you can see all the way to Kullen in Sweden and enjoy the sight of numerous birds flying in formations over Øresund and Kattegat.

The white main building with its blue balconies was built in 1908 on the site, where there has been a guest house since 1895. The distinctive atmosphere from the early 1900s has been preserved thanks to the gentle renovations which have been carried out throughout the hotel’s history.

All over the hotel you will experience a light and cosy atmosphere, Swedish-inspired furniture, wickerwork and patterned wall-paper in blue and white.

Combined with a comprehensive spa area Gilleleje Badehotel is open for guests during summer and winter, and at any occasion – whether it be a weekend of wellness for you and your partner, your company’s next strategy meeting, a birthday, or a celebration.

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